How Could Obama Know All About What Kanye West Did On Tv, Yet Have No Idea 70k Protesters Were Marching In Dc?

Obama knew enough about Kanye West to call him a Jack***, yet he was apparently clueless to the tens of thousands of protesters that marched on Washington on 9.12.
Is he completely incompetent, or is he just lying?

3 thoughts on “How Could Obama Know All About What Kanye West Did On Tv, Yet Have No Idea 70k Protesters Were Marching In Dc?

  1. Cap'n Morgan

    Who says he didn’t know there was a protest? Or perhaps he didn’t give a stuff. Kanye West was everywhere in the media, and Obama was asked what he thought. On the other hand, lunar right protesters march on Washington pretty regularly these days, and a busy man like the President of the United States can’t be expected to keep track of every inbred no-thumbs redneck trailer-trash cavalcade that comes into town a-whoopin’ and a-hollerin’ like a lynch mob. Remember Glenn Beck finding evidence of divine approval because a flock of geese flew over? Trust a goose to notice that, and trust an even bigger gaggle of geese to believe him! Some yokels seem to have got it into their heads that any form of government bigger than a town meeting is inherently evil, so the sooner they split the country into thousands of county-sized sovereign statelets, the sooner the rest of us in the sane world will be able to breathe a lot more easily. We’ll see how well American agriculture does without extensive subsidies (and even those champions of free enterprise, the Republicans won’t touch that, the hypocrites). Of course, some people will protest that these are the REAL Americans who have been disenfranchised over the years and left voiceless, but they’re just so depressingly dumb! No-one who believes the Earth is only 6000 years old should be allowed to vote on the grounds of extreme stupidity. Why should Obama validate their stupidity by even acknowledging their existence anyway?

  2. Guru Hank

    Kenny Chesney can get that many people into a stadium concert, and he is completely unknown outside the dork community. Also, those would be paying dorks.

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