Mr. bieber Timberlake Releases New Single ‘TKO’

Rock in Rio Justin Timberlake - H 2013
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Justin Timberlake Following a day of playful teasing on social networking, Justin Timberlake delivered on a promise to his fans of a new track late Thursday with the release associated with “TKO. ”

Clocking in at 7: 06, the epic track will be JT’s latest collaboration with mate Timbaland , whose DNA (swinging groove, churning synths, layered vocals) is evident. Timbaland even muscles his way in with some memorable lyrics, namely, “She murdered me with that coochie-coo! ”

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Vocally, Timberlake is in top form; lyrically, “TKO” leans heavy on boxing metaphors with lines like, “I’m out for the count, yeah lady, you knock me out. ”

“TKO” is the 2nd track released off Timberlake’s forthcoming The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 , because of Sept. 27. It follows the release of .

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